Hallo everybody sunday i hade 63 views mutch for me and i am verry happy. But i want more bicus i want to be famous and you can help me by telling everybody you know about my site. So they can visit my site.So please tell everybody you know about my site and mabie i bicum famous bicus you helpt me. Thank you

see ya djtjitsen

Writing a skript

Hello everybody
I am rewriting the movie INSANATY (far cry 3 short movie).
Its hard wurk but is verry cool i hope you don’t get bored because i don’t put short movies on the internet.
But yesterday we had lots of fun shooting and we filmd it so there come’s a new fun short movie.
And i hafe made a little script about vaas the beginning of The big movie insanaty.
But i don’t tell whats gona happen so don’t get bored there is comming more bye bye

see ya

again a new short movie :-)

Hello everybody i hafe a new short movie named War child .
the story is about a war child that doesn’t want to fight but most and 2 speacial forse soldiers that are trying to help but 1 soldier is in real danger

and speacial thanx to the actors SVEN and PIETERJAN
SVEN was the Wars child
and PIETERJAN was a speacial ops soldier
hafe fun waching and hafe a nice day bye bye everybody til next time djtjitsen

new short movie

New short movie on my site named I survived. Must see verry cool short movie lot of action and bravory.
hafe fun with watching I survived lots of fun.

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Ps command on my site i like it if you do it but always be nice

hafe a nice day everybody see you later !!!!! djtjitsen