again a new short movie :-)

Hello everybody i hafe a new short movie named War child .
the story is about a war child that doesn’t want to fight but most and 2 speacial forse soldiers that are trying to help but 1 soldier is in real danger

and speacial thanx to the actors SVEN and PIETERJAN
SVEN was the Wars child
and PIETERJAN was a speacial ops soldier
hafe fun waching and hafe a nice day bye bye everybody til next time djtjitsen

new short movie

New short movie on my site named I survived. Must see verry cool short movie lot of action and bravory.
hafe fun with watching I survived lots of fun.

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Ps command on my site i like it if you do it but always be nice

hafe a nice day everybody see you later !!!!! djtjitsen